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Are you ready to take your party planning game to the next level? Look no further because we’ve got a blog post that combines all of the things you love — home decor, DIY, fashion and parenting! Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash for your little one or hosting a chic dinner party for friends, our tips and tricks will help make your event unforgettable. From trendy tablescapes to DIY photo booths, get ready to be inspired with this ultimate guide to parties + home decor + DIY + fashion + parenting.

How to throw the ultimate summer party

When it comes to throwing the ultimate summer party, there are a few key elements that you’ll need to take into account. First and foremost, you’ll need to have a great location. Whether it’s your backyard, a nearby park, or even the beach, make sure that you have a beautiful setting for your party. Secondly, no summer party is complete without amazing food and drink. From grilling up some burgers and hot dogs to whipping up some refreshing cocktails, make sure that your menu is on point. Lastly, don’t forget about the little details that will really make your party stand out. Decorate your space with festive summertime decorations, set up a photo booth for guests to snap some fun memories, and make sure to have plenty of activities planned to keep everyone entertained. If you follow these tips, you’re guaranteed to throw the best summer party ever!

The best home decor trends for 2021

2021 is all about fresh starts, new beginnings, and making your home your own. Whether you’re looking to add a few new pieces or give your space a complete makeover, we’ve rounded up the best home decor trends for the year ahead.

So what’s hot in home decor for 2021? We’re seeing a lot of bold colors, retro-inspired pieces, and organic materials. And when it comes to functionality, multifunctional furniture and concealed storage are key.

Ready to refresh your space? Here are the top home decor trends to watch out for in 2021:

Bold Colors:

Whether you want to make a statement with a single piece of furniture or want to paint an entire room, bold colors are definitely having a moment. And there’s no need to stick to just one shade — feel free to mix and match different hues for an unexpectedly stylish look.

Retro-Inspired Pieces:

Take a cue from the past with vintage-inspired furniture and decor. Think mid-century modern chairs, atomic era light fixtures, and art deco rugs. Not only will these pieces add personality to your space, but they’re also sure to be conversation starters.

Organic Materials:

From wood grain finishes to stone accents, natural materials are having a moment in home decor. They add both texture and warm

3 easy DIY projects to try this weekend

1. Make some fun and festive banners to decorate your party space with! All you need is some colorful craft paper, scissors, and string.

2. Put together a simple but stunning centerpiece using items you likely already have around the house. A vase of fresh flowers, a couple of candles, and a pretty dish or bowl can all come together perfectly.

3. Add personalization to plain glassware with some sharpie markers! This is an easy way to add a unique touch to your bar setup or table settings.

How to beat the winter blues with fashion

If you’re like most people, you start to feel a little down when the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. But there’s no need to let the winter blues get you down! There are plenty of ways to beat the winter blues with fashion.

One way to fight the winter blues is to wear bright, cheerful colors. Yellow, orange, and pink are all great choices that can help lift your spirits. Another way to beat the winter blues with fashion is to experiment with different textures and layers. Wearing cozy sweaters or jackets will help keep you warm, while adding a touch of luxury to your look.

Finally, don’t forget accessories! A great scarf, hat, or pair of gloves can make all the difference when it comes to fighting off the chill. So don’t let the winter blues get you down — use fashion to beat them.

5 parenting hacks every parent needs to know

1. Make sure your home is party-ready.

No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, you’ll need to make sure your home is ready for it. This means decluttering, cleaning, and maybe even doing some last-minute decorating. Don’t wait until the day of the party to start getting your house in order — start as early as possible to avoid any last-minute stress.

2. Choose a theme and stick to it.

Parties are more fun when they have a theme! Once you’ve decided on a theme, try to stick to it as much as possible in your decorating and food choices. This will help give your party a cohesive look and feel, and guests will appreciate the extra effort.

3. DIY whenever possible.

Decorations, favors, and even food can all be made DIY — and it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming! A few simple DIY projects can save you money and help you put your own personal touch on the party.

4. Think outside the traditional “party” mold.

There’s no rule that says parties have to be traditional sit-down affairs — get creative with your event! If you have kids, try hosting a themed movie night or game night instead. Or, if you’re looking for something more adult-centric, consider having a cocktail party or wine tasting.


From decorating your home, to throwing parties and even fashion advice for parents, this article has shown you just how diverse the topics of home decor, diy projects, fashion and parenting can be. With plenty of ideas to explore from each field, there is something here for everyone whether they are a novice or an expert at any one topic. Take inspiration from these ideas to create unique designs that reflect your personality and make sure that your space stands out.

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